Cancer and Cannabinoids


Know Your Medicine
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Kushed out Cannabinoids possess … anticancer activity [and could] possibly represent a brand new class of anti-cancer drugs that retard cancer growth, hinder angiogenesis (the development of recent bloodstream ships) and also the metastatic distributing of cancer cells.” So concludes an extensive review released within the October 2005 problem from the scientific journal Small-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry.
Unfamiliar with the emerging body of research offering weed cannabis’ capability to stave multiplication of certain kinds of cancer? You are not by yourself.
For more than Dank 3 decades, US political figures and bureaucrats have methodically switched a blind eye to scientific research showing that marijuana are likely involved in cancer prevention — a discovering that was initially recorded in 1974. That year, an investigation team in the Medical College of Virginia (acting in the behest of the us government) learned that cannabis restricted malignant tumor cell development in culture as well as in rodents. Based on the study’s results, reported across the country within an August. 18, 1974, Washington Publish newspaper feature, administration of marijuana’s primary cannabinoid THC, “slowed down the development of lung cancer, breast cancer along with a virus-caused leukemia in laboratory rodents, and prolonged their lives up to 36 percent.”

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